Monday, April 13, 2009


Today we found a total of 36 cents in the form of three dimes and six pennies. We also found a fake penny (pictured below) but since it has no value.. we are out of luck lol.

Tomorrow I begin what is to be my first day of a real 'job search'- looks like i'll be change hunting in Manhattan for a bit :)

Total today: $0.36
Total thus far: $87.03

*Foreign Coin Alert* Last week while playing at a nearby playground, my daughter found a quarter sized silver coin that says "United Arab Emirates" on it. Since there is no denomination on it, I'll just toss it into the foreign coin pot that looks pretty full from here. I foresee a trip to a coin show in the near future :)


twincapes said...

Congrats on the continued coinage. Who knows, maybe all the hurried people in Manhattan will leave more change behind for you. Good luck.

twincapes said...

That's neat, I have found several foreign coins by the change counter in the bank, it kicks them into the reject tray if it can't figure out what they are.

Anonymous said...

Dig your nails!