Monday, June 22, 2009


Since our last update, we've found a total of $1.84 in the form of three quarters, nine dimes, a nickel, and fourteen pennies. The majority of this change was found during our small trip south(the first of many I hope!). We here at the changepot have officially kicked off summer vacation last Friday so hopefully we'll find more change during our family outings and such. Hope everyone's summer is going along smoothly despite the rain :)

Total today: $1.84
Total thus far: $113.63

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bleason said...

The MoneyWalker continues to gain inspiration from the walking family in New York. Following your family's lead of giving your findings to a charitable cause, this week the Friendship House of New Orleans for Battered Women will receive more than $200 dollars of found change and bills from the MoneyWalker.