Saturday, June 06, 2009



Since the last update, we found a total of $2.55 the hard way.. five quarters, seven dimes, four nickels, and forty pennies!! Most of it was found today in the oddest of places- lots of dimes at the mall, three quarters in a row at the supermarket parking lot, fairly moldy nickels and pennies in the dirt by the playground... it looks like people are venturing out and dropping change again!! Perhaps this is an omen of better change finding days ahead :)

Total today: $2.55
Total thus far: $108.00

Side note: As we headed over to check on my dad, my daughter spotted a penny stuck in tar. She brought up the idea of going back to the location to try to pry it out then my husband admitted to getting out of his vehicle once before while stuck at a traffic light to pick up the very same coin! The looks he got when he tried to pick up a very secured coin were pretty bad indeed. Imagine that!

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bleason said...

Your husband has asphalt coin disease.