Sunday, October 10, 2010


As it once began ever so humble, the changepot is back again- a few days after it's birthday but better late than never I say :). Today seems like a peculiar calendar date indeed - 10/10/10. The fam and I went apple picking today at Alstede Farms in Chester, NJ. The place was packed but we managed to squirrel away a few apples and find some change on the ground. Kitty found a quarter in the rocky parking lot, mom found a scratched up nickel, and we found three pennies on the way back home. Life is sweet but finding change nowadays is even sweeter!

Despite us not logging our change finds in well over a year- we have found a lot of change but it wasn't documented. Instead of counting the coins from last year- we've decided to cash in the change and donate it outright to a charity run coming up next month. Details on that will soon follow! :) But for right now, we begin our tale again with a humble report- $0.33 on this warm, Indian Summer day!

Total today: $0.33
Total thus far: $0.33

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