Tuesday, October 12, 2010


Today we found a collective total of $0.76- all hail last nights' rainstorm!! Hubby found $0.25 in the form of a dime, two nickels, five pennies and one seeriously eroded quarter. I found a quarter on my way to work and my daughter found $0.26 in the form of a quarter and a penny on the way to school. Earlier this year, I remember finding $0.26 on two interesting occasions- both of them on days that I participated in half marathons (13.1 miles). I keep thinking 26 cents is a sign from the running gods that I should go for the gold and be part of America's 1%- more on that as I continue my trainings though.

Total today: $0.76 (plus one ooglie looking quarter!)
Total thus far: $1.09

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