Wednesday, July 13, 2011


Today we found a total of 27 cents in the form of a grimy quarter and two pennies. We are also adding the penny found on Monday night that was left in the change purse for accountability at a later date. The quarter was found at a pretty busy intersection here in Brooklyn - the tails side of the coin looks rather worn but still recognizable against the backdrop :) . Penny number one was spotted right outside my favorite eatery- the Oasis off 4th ave and number two waited for us in front of the doctors' office. My youngest daughter is quite under the weather so mommy's been running around getting all the necessities to help her along. Poor baby even got sick this morning :(. A mother's work is never done - now off to cook dinner and watch a few Disney movies!

Total today: $0.28
Total thus far: $53.22

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Anonymous said...

I have been a coin picker-upper for years and would never spy a penny and leave it lying on the ground. It absolutley makes my day when I find money and I feel a loss when I go out and don't find anything! It's just second hand and something I love doing!