Sunday, December 04, 2005


Oh boyyyy... the long last two weeks! I've got four papers and one full length play to write. CRUNCHTIME!! I haven't paid much attention to saving because of my school and online ventures. Between that and the kids, I barely have private time :(
Aside from the fact that I'm one year older (sigh), I have to venture in the snow to catch a broadway musical. Normally i'd be in a good mood but today I feel like POOOOOP. I am currently procrastinating one ONE paper (due TOMORROW) and there is one huge mountain of dirty clothes in my room that plagues me like scrooge's ghostly friends. Oh well!

I've decided to cut the following three things from my home budget:
1. Manicuring (I took off my fake nails and have applied a transparent coat instead. Savings: 51.00 X 12= 612.00 yr)
2. Junk fund (I usually take 20 bucks from the food budget to buy soda and crap. Gone now.. diet time (Savings 40.00 X 12= 480.00/yr)
3. Target card usage (they dont have cashback so I've decided to use citi more often. Potential savings: 300.00/yr)

Total saved this month: 141.00
Total saved in one year: 1392.00

Have you decided what to do with your budgets? :)

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