Wednesday, December 14, 2005

December Madness

So I'm done with the 8 page paper for Independent Focus. I had alot to say about this man and this woman. I feel bad for the professor because I dragged so much because the material was scarce and I used covert English Lit major tactics to fill up the space between quotations.

Getting back to this chick, I feel I must add some of the tall tales that plague her "good name" after her 5 year regime in Panama. Here is a direct quote from

Her term in office began with huge popularity and hope for change. Nevertheless,
throughout her five-year government, numerous corruption scandals were aired on
the media and none of her close allies, allegedly involved, were investigated.
One of the most famous corruption scandals was the "Durodollar" scandal.
Moscoso´s Executive Secretary filed a complaint with the police accusing her
gardener of stealing thousands of dollars from her freezer. The gardener was put
in jail, but the police never asked why a secretary had thousands of dollars
inside her freezer, under the bed, etc; at her house. She only said that she
"didn't trust banks".
Moscoso raised eyebrows soon after her election in
1999, when she gave all 72 Panamanian legislators expensive Cartier watches and
earrings worth an estimated $146,000 just before the vote on the
government-proposed budget package. She claimed they were Christmas gifts and
that she paid for them from her own money, not from public funds. No
investigation was made.
Her popularity at the end of her government was the
lowest for a Panamanian President. At the end of her term in office she held
inauguration ceremonies for several unfinished public works. The most famous
example is the new Centennial Bridge over the Panama Canal, inaugurated
with big parties by the government despite the fact that it would take at least
another year to enter into service after the access roads leading to the bridge
were completed.

Funny, Mireya Moscoso's tale reminded me of one particular mayor that promised alot of things yet never delivered. So sad... The name? Why.. David Dinkins, of course.

LOL, I think I should stop reading Rudepundit's blog because I'm starting to rant about politics- and that's just simply NOT my style. Much love to RP though.. I'll be discussing war plays with him in January woohoo.

Today I have two parties in school (leisure), dirty clothes to wash (home chores), two papers to work on (school), and 14 spreadsheets to fill (work). I guess it's better to be busy than to idle away

On the found money forefront, I have yet to find a penny anywhere lately. People are becoming more aware of the money they drop and it's a good thing. The main purpose of this blog is to tabulate just how much money people throw away, or accidentally drop.

Well, it's off to class to say farewell to this man-
the loveable, inspiring Arnie Kantrowitz.

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