Monday, December 19, 2005


FINALLY! I get to breathe! I handed in the last two papers and now I get to do absolutely nothing!! Yayyy!

Actually, I am going to jump ahead of the game and read a play I'll be discussing in January. It's not long at all. Part of me is ready to take a vacation, but my job makes it hard to go anywhere for more than a few days.

FOUND MONEY NEWS: Today hubby found ONE DOLLAR nestled amidst the drying blades of grass on campus. He found two pennies right at the bursar window (as I was paying my grad tuition bill) . I think it was HIS day. Truthfully, I am a little angry because someone spent ALOT of money on christmas gifts which I'll eventually have to pay. Ya gotta love shopping with Amex- the sky's the limit (unless the wife catches ya in mid-spend!)

Aside from the money he found, I have spent half the day trying to clean up the room (with minimal success). I can't see the surface of this computer desk and the keys feel like something furry is growing on them... I'd hate to see what kind of crablike parasite nests under the patch of green moss.. ewwwwwwww.

I miss X. X was a point in my life that made things much more... colorful. I remember a time when it was cool NOT to wear a bra- of course, I also smoked parliaments and thought eyeliner was meant to put a dulled black slash underneath the eyes. I remember having friends named Miki and Blade, Chilly and G-lo, Pu-tun-tun and Din, Nash and Granieri...(wow, I need a red rimmed vanity mirror now). I remember listening to freestyle when I lost my virginity to an older security guard (15 years older, that is) who boxed in the golden gloves. I remember being spellbound by snow- especially when I used to throw myself down the hill of st. george's crescent-wondering if I accidentally slid across frozen dog shit or broken glass from an unfriendly ripple bottle. I loved the Bronx. I loved being a minority in the Bronx; I walked the whole Grand Concourse (138th to 206th) one day after school at Hostos Community College with a friend who had a huge crush on Jerry Rivera and Christopher Williams.
"Every little thing you do/ it turns me on"
He fucked Aaliyah AND the cute black chick from the movie "Clueless". He was into threesomes.
I remember handballing at Bronx High School of Science against the drunk mexicans who thought girls were scrubs. I made over a hundred bucks one summer that way (thanks for the quarter waters and cigarettes!)

Stacey Dash. That's the girl's name. I remember going to my first white girl birthday party at Catherine Gerdes house. I was a little shocked that they didn't have santos in her living room. Actually, I kind of expected "comida pa los muertos"- you know, some hens blood all over the saints... ModupĂșe.

The Bronx... those were the days. While going to one of my father's many toques, I met Erik Estrada. Of course he was much more good looking back then. My first encounter with Celia Cruz wasn't too far behind- her and my grandma were friends from the same town in Cuba with one small exception- Celia believed in Castro (yes, she was pro-Communist).

I remember feeling out of place. With all the mixed blood in my veins, it's hard to pinpoint an ethnicity. How can you define color? Wasn't this the almighty melting pot? Or is this truly the Rib of Russia? If you consult Kushner's "Angels in America", you will understand what I feel.

Enough. Tea time. Peace and Love.

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