Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Motto for today: Prioritize

The body is a world of fantasy:
Layered (each fraction of skin a tale of twin cities, towers and longitude)
And weathered (sprits break when love goes awry).
Textures, sensations- a multitude of colors
Flash in an instant, then fade in the troubled murky blue of your eyes
We loved hard and fast-
And slow.
Then fast again came the quickening of our hearts.
Its hard to leave when the awkward silence begins-
The syntactical war forms within my throat
Only to be met with reason then quenched with love’s delicate brush of kisses.
A hurried pant, a stolen glance-
And then… a break in the clouds.
An unkempt angel stumbles in with padded feet
And proclaims this sonnet a marker to attest the corporeal dance..
-excerpt from my poem "Swan"

I miss inspiration. Right now I need motivation to finish THIS PAPER!! UGHHH.

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