Monday, December 12, 2005

The Plan

I've spoken with two of my associates and have decided to formulate a business plan which includes three subdivisions of my company. Since one of my businesses is already registered in Staten Island, the progression of the latter branches shouldn't be as difficult. As with any business venture, I have carefully laid out the projections and have found the numbers to be sustainable for at least six months.

The Changepot is hungry for more pennies. I haven't found a red cent anywhere due to the "penny-pinching" crunch. Christmas is around the corner and people finally realize that even pennies matter. I haven't really been looking though. As of today, I owe three papers: 10,5,6 pages in length, respectively.

Tomorrow is the last day for Drama class. I signed up for the course anticipating some acting workshops (sigh... wishful thinking) but the professor had other things in mind. Out of a jolly class that boasted over 30 drama/english majors, we are now reduced to a dedicated 14 or 15 (oh well, que se va hacer?)

Enough banter.. it's off to write one of the three papers. I think i'll go dive into South American politics for the last time (this semester).


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