Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Back to the grill again...

To the world, this seems like a simple plant blooming ever so slowly on these last rain-kissed days of April. To me, this is food. Yes ladies and gents... Mrs. Krabs is going back to the diet (greenleaf) days. Yecch. I packed on alot of weight in the winter (hibernation mode) and now it's time to shake some of it off. How did it happen, you ask? Well.. I didn't want to go to the gym. I had a wounded Mister Krabs to look after as well. I won't blame the gain on my scale being misaligned or anything other than my mouth connecting with junk food at all hours of the day. It's time to take accountibility for my actions and fix the error before it gets worse.


Today we found a total of $0.32 in the form of one dime and twenty two pennies. I have a feeling the changepot above 50 cent streak finds are going to be alot harder to come by. We haven't walked our country mile yet and with school tonight I doubt I'll have a chance to do so. But back to the finds... Two of the pennies were actually found last night during a late run for milk at the local Piggly Wiggly. I am counting them in today's totals because quite frankly, I'm too lazy to go edit yesterday's post lol. Two pennies were found in the gym parking lot- an unusual place to find change in these parts. The remaining twenty eight cents were all found on campus. The rare find on this day was a stash of pennies near a vehicle. Apparently the owner cleaned out his cupholder and left the zinc-copper coins on the ground just for us yayy! The dime was spotted as Mr. Krabs was driving away. That's it- I'm calling him Hawkeye from now on.

As I headed toward my classroom, I thought about how much times have changed. Pennies are no longer accepted in ANY hopper-anywhere. Long gone are the days of the penny gumballs and twenty cent phone calls. I remember carrying a whole heap of pennies to school and paying for my ten cent box of lemonheads with it. Heck, I remember paying for a small bag of swedish fish with a handful of pennies.

Total Cash Found Today: $0.32
Total Since Blog Inception: $65.83

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