Friday, April 28, 2006

Cobb Salads, Leg Cramps, and a cool breeze.

The picture to the left is of a loveable california seal at the New York Aquarium. Come see him do his tricks and show off for a limited time.... you'll be glad you did!

I love Spring. The colors come back... the birds chirp happily... it's like life begins all over again. I managed to buy a can of wildflower seeds for a buck (TARGET) which I'll plant as soon as I finish this update. Today we got both our vehicles inspected so that relieves some of the duties that had to get done before next week. All in all, today is one of those days which makes you feel all warm inside. I am happy to be here... aren't you? You should try the Cobb Salad at McDonald's- I am quite impressed :)


Today's finds were a bit sparse. We found a total of $0.29 in the form of one quarter and four pennies. The first penny came from the gym parking lot. Two other pennies were picked up at the Mall (errand running). The final penny was uncovered in the drive thru of Micky D's and the quarter was waiting for us at a local department store. I am not sure if we'll go out any more today.. perhaps a pm stroll again... Quien Sabe?

Total Cash Found Today: $0.29
Total Since Blog Inception: $66.77

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