Saturday, April 29, 2006

Have you had your oil checked?

Oy vey! First off, I must say that I feel positively 100000% better now that I have finally made my way back to the gym. Today was Day Four (It takes me Thirty days to make something a habit) and I have made it back to the hour long cardio resistance. Mister Krabs and I went to the gym, walked around a huge mall twice (both floors), and did a three mile hike to the video store. I am quite proud of him because he is recuperating far beyond expectancy. While we didn't do much except for walk around, it felt great to get out- great times, great company.


FYI: The mall is always a good place to spot loose coinage (especially on the weekends). Today we found a whopping $1.15 in the form of two quarters, four dimes, two nickels, and fifteen pennies (seven rather fugly ones included!). The first dime was found on the way to the New Jersey Turnpike. The next find was three pennies right next to our vehicle (ka-ching!) One quarter was uncovered by Momma Krabs (who has fitfully joined in the changepot adventure as well) over by the food court. The rest of the change minus one nickel and nine cents was found by the elevator. Our walk to the video store gave us a total of fourteen cents.


Picture this, if you will:

Whilst on our journey through the mall, Mister Krabs spots a quarter in the GAP store display. Had it been a penny, a nickel, even a dime.. I'm sure he would have not made such a stink.
Dude, it's a quarter.
A quarter. . A quarter still buys a bag of chips. A quarter can buy you five pieces of super hard bazooka bubble gum. Hell.. a quarter still grants a pull on a lucky slot machine (that's only if YOU are lucky of course).
He walked into the store and explained to the lady that our Kit Krabs dropped a quarter and it rolled into the display. I keep walking out of pure shock. Mom starts laughing because, quite frankly, it is freaking hilarious to see his tenacity in action. Moments later, Hubby emerges from the store victorious. Quarter in hand and with a grin as wide as the cheshire cat, he strolls over and hands it to me as though it were the holy grail.

Okay so he needs a new hobby that doesn't involve spending money, strippers, or making really overweight store employees hop over a barricade to access a quarter that totally didn't belong to him. I LOVE AMERICA!

Total Cash Found Today: $1.15
Total Since Blog Inception: $67.92

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