Friday, April 14, 2006

Good Friday, The Ugly Penny-tub, HO!!

This picture is for someone that I love very much. Muah. ML. Take a stroll down memory lane, dahhling. HERE.

Today is Good Friday. Usually I spend Good Friday hiding in my house (mom was OVERTLY religious) but today I went out due to necessity. I purchased a new camera specifically for our mini-vacation along with a few toiletries to boot. We found a dime walking out of the Best Buy store-which made me smile defiantly because I won a bet that I would find change in front of the store!

We found a total of 81 cents (One quarter, three dimes, one nickel, twenty one pennies) in a total of four destinations. The most change was found at our third location-Jersey Gardens,
where the pennies rained in a-plenty.


Upon exiting the mall, hubby spotted a penny underneath a bench. As he made his way toward the metal seat, a smoker sat down to enjoy his cigarette thoroughly. He puffed so deeply- enjoying the thick blue smoke that seemed to cart him off into another world. He stared off into space- studying every raindrop as his lungs expanded and contracted haltingly. I felt almost sad as I looked on shamelessly. It was like he was making love to the tiny white tube nestled between his lips and I interrupted him. Hubby looked at him and shrugged as we made our way toward the car. Suddenly, Hubby turned around and sat near the smoker- breaking up "the moment". The smoker quickly finished off his lovely ladystick and made his way back into the crowded mall. Hubby picked up the penny, placed it in his pocket and made his way toward us once again. I shook my head and smiled weakly. Such a shame-really. The crushed cigarette cost that smoker 33 cents- and hubby made off with a rebate ($0.01). 33 cents now equates to thousands of dollars in healthcare ten, fifteen years down the road. If I had a penny returned for every cigarette I once smoked/stepped on/observed/kicked, I wouldn't have to work ever again.


Hubby picked up a bunch of awful looking pennies today. They are so gross looking (despite my best attempts to clean them) that I've decided to create a side-pot devoted exclusively to these icky types (which will still be added to the daily total but placed in another container). Once I do decide to deposit the changepot cash, the change will go directly into an automated coin counting machine so no biggie. Today we added fifteen cents to this new "Penny-tub".

Et Cetera

Hubby and I went to see "Scary Movie 4". Hilarious. While we didn't necessarily agree with the amount of unsupervised kiddies that littered the theater, the movie more than made up for it.

Total today: $0.81


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