Thursday, April 13, 2006

Travelin Lite

On the tube right now: WILL AND GRACE SEASON ONE
Storm's a-comin.
Coveted item of the day: COACH
So here I am, basking in my newfound addiction- designer handbags. Ok. I'm lying. I just LOVE handbags. I have fallen in love with this coach bag for some reason. Maybe I'll pick it up when I return from my trip. Maybe not.
Today we went to the PX and found one DOLLAR (apparently it flew out of someone's hand and made it under my car in front of the MCSS) , three pennies and a gorgeous plant table on sale. It matches perfectly in my living room yayy!! After our shopping binge, we headed over to the Staten Island Mall where we found 0.72 cents (one quarter, four dimes, and seven pennies).
This is the second actual dollar that we have found this week (see THIS post).
Total today: $1.75

Funniest find of the day:
As we strolled around the mall some kids ran past us and dropped change. Hubby's ears perked up and he turned abruptly. As expected, the kids kept going-oblivious to the dropped loot. Hubby followed a coin into a store that had NO customers. The salespeople looked at my husband funny since they noticed him strolling in after the change- it was awesome! Hubby picked up what turned out to be a dime proudly and handed it to me.

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