Monday, April 03, 2006

Hal Linden- still sexy at 75!

Army veteran and outspoken actor Hal Linden turned 75 on March 20th. I love that man! His acting ability spans 40 years on and off-broadway. Personally, I like to celebrate actors while they're alive... so Hal, this bud's for you!

Today I took DD to her pediatrician. Drove her while having a temperature of 101.8 (yes, whatever she has I now have) Sucks golf balls. Really.
While on my way to the clinic, I found 11 cents- one dime and one nickel by a bank ATM right next to the doctors' office.
After the visit from heck, we dropped by DDs school with the doctors note and found out that her teacher had the EXACT same illness last weekend and probably spread the virus when she went back to work on TUESDAY. So.. it wasn't Botulism after all.. it's more like Viral Gastroenteritis.

So now, I'm sitting at the computer, feet planted firmly on the foot massager. I feel drained but alive. Motrin is my friend. And so is Bleach. Everytime I use the can, I clean my bathroom for fear of spreading "it" to my two non-infected citizens.
I really think I am starting to form a cleanliness habit- thanks to Mr. Franklin's almanac.

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