Friday, April 07, 2006

That good ole' lady Spring

Here is a picture of the new changepot. I have also taken a picture of all the money found since October (down below)- interesting perspective when you look at it altogether, ain't it??

Incredible. Wednesday's freak snowstorm crushed my yearly tulip bulbs. Guess I'll have to start planting all over again lol. Wednesday's storm was so unusual- first some rain, then loud thunder and lightning, and then flurries galore. The sky went titanium white, then earl grey, then back to cerulean blue in under three hours. Sign of things to come? Or perhaps someone asking M.N. for a sign- something to believe in.

Before anything else, I would like to give thanks for fifty things that exist in this world (more importantly, that mean so much to me). My universe would never be the same without them.

50. Oatmeal Raisin cookies
49. Billie Holiday records
48. Lily flowers
47. Dogs (Puppies)
46. Peppermint flavored Tea
45. Goetze's Caramel Creams
44. IPOD mp3 players
43. Linen Spray
42. Crinkle Cut french fries and saucer-like onion rings
41. Nia Henriques
40. Renaissance paintings/tapestries
39. Camouflage
38. Elliptical machines
37. Jazz/Opera music
36. Bamboo trees
35. Spiders
34. Dolemite and the era of Blaxploitation
33. Don Knotts
32. Freedom of speech
31. Hair clips
30. Digital Cameras
29. Jelly Belly Jelly beans
28. Forgiveness
27. Self-help books
26. Clouds of all sizes
25. Furry bunny slippers
23. Friends
22. Fleece outfits
21. Professors Blanford Parker and Arnold Kantrowitz
20. Gardenias
19. Billy Joel music
18. Broadway PLAYS (NOT MUSICALS!!!)
17. T.S. Eliot
16. Sushi (california and shrimp tempura rolls to be exact)
15. rain
14. chamomile flowers
13. the color pink
12. cellphones
11. smiling
10. Panama, Republic of
9. Genealogy
8. Honda vehicles
7. the internet
6. you.
5. education
4. snowflakes in APRIL
3. Marquela.
2. my husband
1. my babies- the greatest miracles of all.

Hubby found a penny in Target while we picked up some easter goodies for Grandma. I am amazed at how this woman is so independent for her age (84). She's one tuff lady.

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