Sunday, April 09, 2006

Lovely Dayyyyyy!

WOW! Today has turned out to be such a wonderful day!!! We woke up early and went to mass (it's been EONS for me, mind you!). I dropped hubby off at school then went shopping for a bit. After class, we decided to walk around campus and found a total of 29 cents in school- here is the breakdown:

5 cents in the side entrance of building 3
6 cents in building 4
11 cents in building 5
3 cents crossing over to the 1 & 2 buildings
3 cents near building 2.

Found one whole dollar in the video store parking lot. Hubby found this bill as it flew past my back right tire. I was very pleased considering we have had such awesome luck finding change lately but it has been a while since we found greenback!
Total found for the day $1.29

Mad LOVE...

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