Wednesday, April 12, 2006

Personal Finance 2.0

I woke up refreshed and determined to change my finances around a bit. I've ignored my methods of saving for a month and it's starting to show. Since hubby is on leave for a month, I have discarded all methods of savings and envelope stuffings in exchange for lengthy hours of video-game playing and idle chatter. ENOUGH!!

First things first- Here's my to-do list for today, Wednesday April 12!!

1. Set up a spending budget for the next three weeks and all that happens to fall within the time period (new spends including : vacation, clothes expense , car insurance payment lump, credit card payment for hotel/airfare)

2. Begin a mid-month envelope for this month (categories: Smoking, Bill cruncher, Split Wallet)

3. Start packing (when you vacation with children, it is never too early to pack!)


So I did two out of three. That ain't so bad, is it? I did get the car inspected (procrastination is the my cardinal sin) FINALLY. Hubby bought me a replacement PSP (we're selling my semi-defective one) from his own cash reserve. Still, I managed to buy myself this gorgeous hobo bag and a few articles of clothing for our mini vacation. I got DD this fabulous dress for her communion- along with all the cute lil' trinkets (purse, gloves, stockings, shoes, veil).


I am shocked. Today we found a whopping $1.15 in the form of three quarters, three dimes, and ten pennies. One of the pennies is an actual wheat penny from 1945. Two of the pennies were found in NY (a gas station and outside of a mall). The rest of the change was found in various spots at the Jersey Gardens Mall.
Ladies and Gents, this is a momentous occasion. Here is a quick calculation of how much we have actually found in cash for the past six days.
Wed April 12- $1.15
Tue April 11 - $0.69
Mon April 10- $0.82
Sun April 9- $1.29
Sat April 8- $2.00
Fri April 7- $0.01

Total for 6 days: $5.96
WOW. I am in shock. That's almost a dollar a day. Amazing. The pot's getting bigger!!
Ok. Time to rest. Perhaps I'll go back out later.
Mucho amor.....<3<3>

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