Sunday, April 30, 2006

Starin' at the sun...

Here is a shot of my school. I don't remember where I was on campus when I took it.

Blah Blah... and another blah. I think I should have skipped the more than generous helping of jelly belly jellybeans I had a little while ago. This blows popcorn kernels. The slippery suckers are now floating right in the pit of my stomach. Ughhhhh.. sugar dumps.

But I digress ;-)


Hubby found a total of $0.51 in the form of two quarters and a penny. I didn't find anything because I've been home reading Emily Mann plays for my War Texts class. Fortunately I cooked dinner early so I don't have to do it in a rush. I am updating the total and resuming my fun filled day under the covers with Miss Mann and some other obscure texts from the likes of RP.

Total Cash Found Today: $0.51
Total Since Blog Inception: $68.43

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