Sunday, April 23, 2006

Sunday woes...

This pic was taken on the way home from Sunday mass. Kitty in the sky (sans diamonds).
It's two pm and the rain makes it feel like it's five or six. Just got back from running a few errands and I'm happy to report that the Krabs have found $0.52 in the form of one quarter, two dimes, and seven pennies. Mister Krabs gave a dime to Pearl because she couldn't go with him. She has her own changepot which has some decent coinage in there. Her jar began earlier this year (March 2005) and already she is at $2.75! I am very proud of her and her new efforts to keep up with the change race.

I think i'll take a nap since the majority of the Krabs look sleepy. Here are the totals since I doubt we'll be going back out today.

Total Cash Found Today: $0.42
Total Since Blog Inception: $64.22

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