Monday, April 24, 2006

Nusimatics anyone?

My tan is fading! Waaaah!!! The legendary tan that made my face look like I played with mud in the dark is peeling. Nothing beats having twenty different shades on your face! I didn't do much today except clean house, spruce up my favorites, and plan out the rest of the week's travails.
My two outings weren't as long as I'd liked- thanks to my uber-fiber breakfast snacks- but they were profitable nonetheless.

Here's a lil' joke courtesy of the kittster:

Mommy... Knock Knock.
who's there?
Boo who?
Awwh- don't cry mommy.

(It's much cuter with a preschool lisp!)


I've found a new hobby. Mom hooked me up with some cool coins which I plan to have cleaned and inspected. These were coins that were given to her by her mom so it's got to be worth something (I hope?) So now on top of gardening and crochet, I'll add nusimatics to the list.


Altogether we found a total of eighty cents today in the form of three quarters and five pennies. The first find was two quarters while Hubby ran his work-related errands today. Later on we both found four ugly pennies while walking the kittster around campus (trying to tire her out-yeah RIGGHT!!!) . One of them turned out to be a 1952 wheat penny which I might try to clean later on. I spotted the fifth penny near Gino's Pizzeria (quite possibly the worst pizza I've ever had the displeasure to eat) and the remaining quarter was found on the way back from my monthly eyebrow waxing at the local vietnamese (not chinese!!) nail place. Mrs. Krabs used to get tips done but she realized that long nails impede change collection ;) .

Total Cash Found Today: $0.80
Total Since Blog Inception: $65.02

Much love... and a bit of retro dig'ums from the past.

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