Thursday, May 04, 2006

Change in the Wild: POST 101

Do they grow on trees?
Do they propagate?
Are they telepathic?
These coins were photographed "in the wild"- unedited, uncensored.
These and much more were all found on campus (where the starving college students gather day in and day out).
Change Hunting season

Hubby and I set about our morning PT with heated discourse. I enjoy our intense discussions because it gives me a chance to see the world through his perspective. We chatted about writing plays, social decline, and our recent love of finding dropped items. The rest of the day was spent running errands for the big weekend coming up. Ladies and Gents, it is officially change hunting season. I have personally witnessed a few people drop change and walk away from the coins for whatever reason. I am shocked. Numismatics Unite!! Now, without further ado...


Today we found $1.05 in the form of one quarter, three dimes, five nickels, and twenty five pennies. It was a very good day coin-wise. Sixty two cents (Three dimes, three nickels, and seventeen pennies) was found scattered on campus (see pics above). The remaining discovered at the indoor basketball courts (apparently we made it in before the cleaning lady swept up the place). After a decent workout, we made it to school where we found the other dime, two very corroded nickels, and twenty one pennies. The remaining change was uncovered at Walmart in New Jersey as we shopped for a booster seat. All in all, it seemed a most uneventful day-despite the little fights we witnessed along the way.
On an odd note, after counting all the money in the changepot, I noticed that our total is actually $68.73. I am thinking someone has messed with it since the coins are easily accessible-but I can't convict without evidence. It's okay though... it is still very close to $70.00!!

Total Cash Found today: $1.05
Total Since Blog Inception: $68.83

(WHOA.. We're $1.17 away from $70.00!!! woohoo!!!!!!)

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