Wednesday, May 03, 2006

The "Operation"


The above pic is of a penny hubby rescued from the air vent earlier today. The fine young lincoln sat there, awaiting our rescue for goodness knows how long. Today we did our usual thang- gym, errands, etc...
Today we found a whopping $0.57 in the form of two dimes, two nickels, and twenty six pennies. The first find (a dime) was discovered at the indoor basketball courts (apparently we made it in before the cleaning lady swept up the place). After a decent workout, we made it to school where we found the other dime, two very corroded nickels, and twenty one pennies. The remaining change was uncovered at Walmart in New Jersey as we shopped for a booster seat. All in all, it seemed a most uneventful day-despite the little fights we witnessed along the way.

Total Cash Found today: $0.57
Total Since Blog Inception: $69.52
(WHOA.. We're forty eight cents away from $70.00!!! woohoo!!!!!!)

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