Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Changepot Maintenance

It's been eons since I've checked the changepot email account and I was pleased to find some Q and A's by Changepot readers. Here are a few emails with my answer in blue:

Dear Mrs. Krabs,

I've been following your blog for a few months and have noticed that your totals are increasing rapidly. What methods are you using to find change since I can only seem to find pennies and nickels at best?


Greetings Heineken,

Love the name, by the way! The dramatic increase in finds is due to the amount of walking around we do as a family. We spend approximately four hours a day in after homework/work activities in order to increase fitness awareness. Four pairs of hawk eyes scouring each nook and cranny yields exaggerated amounts of change at the end of the day. Plus, people in my school hate bending to pick up change. 80% of the coinage in the changepot comes from two college campuses. I lovingly pick up coins of all denominations and add them to the changepot.

Dear Mrs. Krabs,

I dig the idea of documenting found money online and would like to start a blog of my own. Where are the best places to find change, in your opinion?

Broke CSI student

Hola fellow CSI student!

I am happy that you're taking the first step in documenting found cash. I will say that my own enthusiasm stemmed from this awesome blog called "Change is Good". I found that site from a personal finance forum and have been checking it out ever since. While there are a handful of found money blogs online, CIG is by far the best blog if this type that I've seen thus far. As far as good places to find change, these are the areas which I usually find em' suckers:
1. Near/under snack machines at any venue or mall
2. Drive-thru windows (best time to catch prime moolah is in the AM rush hour crunch)
3. Car wash (especially near the vacuum areas)
4. Handball/Tennis Courts
5. Parks/ Jogging Paths
Good luck on your search and please keep me posted on your blog creation!

Today has been RATHER TUFF for change finding. I found ONE PENNY at the handball court. That's it. Un centavo. Well, I guess one penny is better than nothin', right?
Hubby left me a voicemail that he found $2.47 while traveling around the city but until I see it, I won't believe it.


Holy cow! Hubbster walked in with some serious coinage inside our little claire's bag. Inside the changebag, I found the following:

One dollar bill
Five Quarters
Three nickels
and Seven Pennies

Apparently the buck and three quarters (nice find!!) were left by a tourist right by a metrocard machine (the price for two rides is $2- they didn't have enough, I guess) . Hubby gave it the twenty second rule then scooped it up and went on his way. The other two quarters were discovered in the parking lot outside of a local hospital. He's got amazing luck finding money. I, on the other hand, could use a rabbits' foot or something. Speaking of rabbit's foot, I spotted a wild hare on the fort hamilton base today as we "indulged" in some minor food shopping.

Total Cash found and redeemed today: $2.48
Total Since Blog Inception: $222.98

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