Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Lazy, Hazy Summer Days

Today I received a pleasant surprise in the mail. A refund check in the amount of $250! While this is TOTALLY UNEXPECTED money, it doesn't count towards the Changepot total because it wasn't found on the floor. Besides, if I found that kind of money on the floor, I'd turn it in because I wouldn't want that on my conscience. I've not yet decided what i'm going to do with the moolah. I guess I'll save it for a rainy day...


Today we found a total of $1.38 in the form of one dollar bill, one quarter, one dime, and three pennies. It was so yucky outside today, I am actually quite shocked we found any change in the first place. The quarter and one penny was found in Micky D's. The dollar was found under a vehicle in Brigantine, NJ. The dime and two pennies were found at Shoprite during a late milk run. I'm so pooped I think i'll edit the post later or tomorrow to add more info.

Total Cash found and redeemed today: $1.38
Total Since Blog Inception: $220.50

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