Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Chicken soup for the Change-Deprived Soul (PART ONE)

Today was Mr. Krabs' first day back to work after CVL. Today was also my last day of grad class (we ended the theme with gay war plays). I am officially out of it, folks.

Change Update:

Today we found an unexpected $1.34 in the form of four quarters, two dimes, and fourteen0 pennies. The first find, a quarter and dime, waited for us at the Dunkin' Donuts drive thru. Two quarters were uncovered while out to lunch. The last quarter and the rest of the booty came from campus (final classes = caffeine binges)

I learned something today.
As I overheard many people imparting chunks of wisdom, one particular conversation stuck out like a sore thumb. Two young women were discussing future professions while waiting for their professor to show up. I was just outside of the classroom so I was well within earshot. This is what my ears were subjected to (in Spanish):

A: "All you need is to get your B.A then take a few tests."
B: "I can't handle anymore tests. I really don't like English"
A: "You should like English. It's what pays you money. You should speak it more"
B: "I know. I can speak it, crazy girl. I just don't want to."

A short time after that remark, "B" explained to "A" that she is a native of Colombia and is here in the U.S with a student visa. She plans to milk the visa as much as she can before heading back to the hills. Ungrateful? Quien Sabe? God bless America.

Total Cash found and redeemed today: $1.34
Total Since Blog Inception: $95.44

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