Wednesday, May 17, 2006

Top Ten Change find Moments

The ones without a link were not blog-documented but are personal favorites of ours nonetheless. Now, without further ado...

10. The cha-ching! Twenty eight penny find in traffic on the George Washington Bridge.
9. The "dollar is mine" personal find at the kiddie Tiny Town amusement center
8. Sandy's clever scoop and go quarter and penny find at Woodbridge Mall
7. The Kitty "I see a penny!" under the dumpster find at Dunkin Donuts on Mother's Day
6. The 'penny for your Auntie Anne's Pretzel' find at the Staten Island Mall
5. The Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon dollar find in the dry grass during CSI finals 05'
4. The five dollar pounce in front of Cajun Grill at Jersey Gardens
3. The UP Escalator Dime rescue at Palisades Mall
2. The quarter rescue by the engraved special occasion booth (right by cashier's foot)
1. The make the GAP sales rep get off her lazy butt and go into the display window quarter find (PRICELESS!!!)


Anonymous said...

How about the "lets compare silver to King Lear" dime find in 3S? I think i'm gonna start my own pot too!

Class of 06'!!

Money Maker said...

Wow.. I just realized what this comment is referring too-- man do I miss the undergrad days! Go Papa!