Tuesday, May 02, 2006


Mild und leise,
Isolde's aria from Tristan und Isolde

Mild und leise Mildly and gently,
wie er lächelt, how he smiles,
wie das Auge how the eye
hold er öffnet --- he opens sweetly ---
Seht ihr's, Freunde? Do you see it, friends?
Seht ihr's nicht? Don’t you see it?
Immer lichter Brighter and brighter
wie er leuchtet, how he shines,
stern-umstrahlet illuminated by stars
hoch sich hebt? rises high?
Seht ihr's nicht? Don’t you see it?
Wie das Herz ihm How his heart
mutig schwillt, boldly swells,
voll und hehr fully and nobly
im Busen ihm quillt? wells in his breast?
Wie den Lippen, How from his lips
wonnig mild, delightfully, mildly,
süßer Atem sweet breath
sanft entweht --- softly wafts ---
Freunde! Seht! Friends! Look!
Fühlt und seht ihr's nicht? Don’t you feel and see it?
Hör ich nur diese Weise, Do I alone hear this melody,
die so wundervoll und leise, which wonderfully and softly,
Wonne klagend, lamenting delight,
alles sagend, telling it all,
mild versöhnend mildly reconciling
aus ihm tönend, sounds out of him,
in mich dringet , invades me,
auf sich schwinget, swings upwards,
hold erhallend sweetly resonating
um mich klinget? rings around me?
Heller schallend, Sounding more clearly,
mich umwallend --- wafting around me ---
Sind es Wellen Are these waves
sanfter Lüfte? of soft airs?
Sind es Wogen Are these billows
wonniger Düfte? of delightful fragrances?
Wie sie schwellen, How they swell,
mich umrauschen, how they sough around me,
soll ich atmen, shall I breathe,
soll ich lauschen? Shall I listen?
Soll ich schlürfen, Shall I drink,
untertauchen ? immerse?
Süß in Düften Sweetly in fragrances
mich verhauchen? melt away?
In dem wogenden Schwall, In the billowing torrent,
in dem tönenden Schall, in the resonating sound,
in des Welt-Atems wehendem All --- in the wafting Universe of the World-Breath ---
ertrinken, drown,
versinken --- be engulfed ---
unbewußt --- unconscious ---
höchste Lust! supreme delight!


Today we found $0.08 in the form of one nickel and three pennies. Hubby found seven cents in the DD drive thru and I found a penny on the way home from a kickass half hour workout at the gym.

Total Cash Found today: $0.08
Total Since Blog Inception: $68.95

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