Thursday, May 25, 2006

Unexpected Outing, Unexpected Finds

I usually write my blog entry later in the day but something rather odd happened last night. Mr. Krabs and I rarely go out by ourselves these days but when we do, it's either a trip into the city or Atlantic City for a few hours of slot machine frenzy. Last night we chose A.C. for a few hours of mindless entertainment. After we spent our allotted play money, we went changehunting. After securing one nickel and five pennies, hubby decided to go into some obscure casino as the last pit-stop before the long last mile home.

This decision contributed a $100.00 bill to our changepot cause.

Ladies and gents, I can't stress enough how rare this is. Finding a hundred dollar bill is perhaps the hardest challenge of all. Finding any money in Atlantic City is quite difficult considering the massive amount of folks that are out there with the exact same purpose. We saw people collecting cans, picking up pennies, we even spotted folks picking up half-smoked cigarette butts like it was some amazing prize. Conmen, Street "workers", and the like are also on the prowl at the midnight hour- making it much more difficult to changehunt comfortably.

Also, I must take into account that this is the largest find ever. Hubby has now officially found $100, $10, $5, and $1. He needs a $50 and a $20 to complete the paper collection. I am adding the hundred and ten cents to today's total since it occurred after Midnight. If I find money today, I'll add it in the form of an update*.

UPDATE- 0810
In addition to the unbelievable find, we found a total of $0.89 in the form of two quarters, two dimes, two nickels, and nine pennies. The morning trip to Dunkin' Donuts yielded 57 cents. The rest of the dough came from a voyage to Manhattan in search of a skirt.

Total Cash found and redeemed today: $100.99
Total Since Blog Inception: $209.50

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