Sunday, June 11, 2006

Day Trips..and Capitalism.

(dime in its habitat: A heavily crowded park on a Sunday afternoon. I watched this dime for two minutes before picking it up. Seven people passed it; two people looked directly at the coin and didn't flex an inch)

It's funny how a little time off makes people hot-footed! Today we took the chickies up north to spend some QT outside of the city. Our first stop was Lake Welch. Apparently NYS has uncovered a way to capitalize from this once serene spot- $7.00 parking and a slew of police officers. We asked the toll collector when and WHY the fee was implemented and he himself couldn't give a reasonable answer. He did say that June 1st marked many changes in tourism upstate. It appears that if you buy an empire passport (similar to season passes I guess), you are allowed unlimited vehicle parkings throughout the state parks? The krab family says boo to Governor Pataki and his attempts to muster up revenue. I guess South Jersey wins the tourism race for now! :)

For my fellow changehunters and bloggers alike, here is a pro-change poem about Pennies from the 100blogger website:
"A friend and I were out walking, and saw some pennies just lying on
the ground.
As she bent to pick up the pennies, I said pennies are kind of like
people they have no value until they are found.
She said sometimes when she drops a penny, it’s easier to leave then bend down.
Cause a penny by itself has no value, so she just leaves it there on the ground." the rest here


Today we found $1.07 in the form of two quarters, four dimes, one nickel, and twelve pennies. Our morning pit-stop at Dunkin D's yielded a quarter, a nickel, and a penny. Quarter number two, three dimes, and seven pennies popped up out of the earth at a park in the Bronx (my old stomping ground). The last dime and three pennies awaited pickup at the Palisades Mall. The last penny was found at the onramp George Washington Bridge heading towards Jersey. The last time we were on this area, we found a handful of pennies and one stale fry (the markings of a cupholder penny/change dump while waiting to get on the bridge).

Total Cash found and redeemed today: $1.07
Total Since Blog Inception: $249.52

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