Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Even horseshoes get the blues...

The Krab family had an exciting day at the beach. While we set about testing our equipment for the upcoming big treasure hunt weekend, we spotted the above horseshoe crab trying to make his way back into the ocean. A few feet away some sea gulls hungrily picked at an adult horseshoe crab shell. The biggest gull looked at us menacingly- I think he was trying to intimidate us into leaving lol! Hubby scooped up the crab and put him back into the water.
That was our good deed for the day.

I am so exhausted! Guess I better get to today's totals before I fall out on top of the keyboard!


Today we found $0.68 in the form of five dimes, two nickels, and eight pennies. Hubby found the change in four distinct places: Outdoor Parking lot, Dunkin' Donuts (not the usual one we go to), Supermarket, and campus. I didn't find anything since I was more focused on keeping the kids occupied.

Total Cash found and redeemed today: $0.68
Total Since Blog Inception: $232.58

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