Saturday, June 03, 2006

Journey's End

Boy am I POOOPED. We found a cute lil' website called MallWalker earlier today. It's our new resource to map out places where we can shop and changehunt. Here are the details of our finds as of 9:59pm est:

Today we found a total of $3.47 the hard way. ALL CHANGE. My lil' bag was bursting at the PVC seams! We found it in the form of five quarters, fifteen dimes, five nickels, and forty seven pennies. SIXTY SEVEN COINS ALTOGETHER (that's an average of sixteen coins per changehunter!). This was a collaborative effort by all five of us (kitty even found a penny and let everyone in the entire mall know about it)with one common goal in mind- VACATION!! I have created a mini change race with my two girls. The reward is either a camping trip in July or a roadtrip to a destination of their choice (more details to come later). Anyhow... we clocked in some major sneaker mileage as we hit two malls, a quick game of B-ball, and Target for two small gifts. Here are the change findings per specific location:

One-on-one Basketball at 7am (on campus): $1.92
Rarity: All five quarters were found on campus. Four quarters were found by the handball court- two in perfect condition (both state quarters). On our way to the car, I decided to investigate the outside border of the tennis courts and found an amazingly DARK (CAMOUFLAGED TO THE TEETH) quarter. Apparently the tar powder covered the quarter for quite some time (that is, until I spotted it! hehe)

Galleria at White Plains Mall: $0.39

Advice: Do yourself a favor, never EVER eat at the Manchu Wok's in the Galleria- unless, of course, you want to feel like a hydra (unicellular digestion)

Rarity: I found thirty four pennies. It was almost like the stores put pennies by the entrance to attract customers. Bad idea. They only attracted expert change hunters Sandy and Mr. Krabs. I was too busy making sure Kitty didn't hurt anyone.

Palisades Mall: $0.89

EXTREME Rarity: As Mr. Krab would say, "folks were droppin' dime all over the place!" We found seven dimes here. I even managed to score a shiny nickel all by myself at Target.

Target by my house: $0.27

ODDITY: Two dimes, a nickel, and two pennies called out to us as we purchased some last minute gifts for family day at chez KRAB. Our family picks one day out of the year to exchange gifts without it being a holiday. We chose June 4th as our family day. To be honest, family day is every day at chez Krab. I just love watching the kids exchange gifts :)

Total Cash found and redeemed today: $3.47
Total Since Blog Inception: $230.61

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