Friday, June 02, 2006

To Dunk.. or not to dunk...

Day two of rainy weather. Enter muggy, icky, yucky humidity. My hair is brittle and full of gooey gel from this morning's last-second hairstyle. I had the morning poison (hot cocoa) and the day has slumped downhill ever since.


Today we found a total of $3.83 in the form of three dollar bills, one quarter, four dimes, one nickel, and thirteen pennies. The two dimes were found at the Dunkin' Donuts drive thru. A nickel and four pennies were found at a recruiting station in Brooklyn, NY. Another penny was found right by our vehicle in the station parking lot and the last penny was discovered right by my professor's door (which is still devoid of final grades so I'm type pissed). Three one dollar bills, a dime, and a nickel were found inside a shopping bag complete with an odd receipt from some deli. Apparently the person ordered a sandwich and a drink which cost them $6.65. The person plonked down a ten and got back $3.35 in change. The bag contained what looked like crumbs and a non-recyclable can of nestea iced tea. My guess is the person was eating quick and forgot about the change since the bag was right across the basketball court. The kids left quick since the clouds began moving in- claiming territory for tonight' s battle methinks. Sandy Cheeks made the find- I am quite proud. The rest of the booty was uncorked at Stop & Shop, where a lovely lady named Margritte rang us up with smile and a nod. As I pulled out my wallet, a lonely dime cried out from under my sneaker- rage, rAGE against the dying of the light, my friend!

Total Cash found and redeemed today: $3.83
Total Since Blog Inception: $227.14

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