Thursday, June 08, 2006


Do you remember your first crush? That innocent heart-flutter that distinguished the object of your desire from everyone else in the world? I spent the better part of the day remembering my very first crush (and the dozens of boys that followed soon after). Some insignificant boy named Jose Negron. Lord knows where he is right now. I believe the year was 1985 that I felt "it". Time flies. Wow... time definitely waits for no one.

Changepot Progress:

Today we found an impressive $0.08 in the form of one nickel and three pennies. Pickins are quite slim considering the frequent rainshowers over the past few days. The nickel and penny number one were discovered under a candy machine at Fort Hamilton. Pennies two and three were found in a checkout aisle at Costco. Hubby and I are planning a one-day getaway to AC with some small hopes to duplicate the find during our last trip there (by far the greatest find EVER for any changehunter!!!!).

Hubby and I are finding our way into the world of numismatics. There are a great deal of coins in the changepot that fit the rare coinage category but I refuse to make a swap. I like to think of found coins as attractors- messing with them stops the karmatic flow thereby stinting my changefind progress. Let's see what happens.

Total Cash found and redeemed today: $0.08
Total Since Blog Inception: $233.33

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