Friday, June 09, 2006

Mini-Vacation Part One (06/09-06/10)

Hubby and I took our kids to the Jersey Shore this weekend. Frankly, I am not impressed with the family activities Atlantic City has to offer. We ate overpriced funnel cake, guarded against being pushed by overzealous tourists, slept poorly at a economy rate double bed hotel room in Absecon AND lost some bucks at hole-in-the-wall casinos that some bad toupee wearing billionaire owns (is it me or is his face thoroughly annoying?!) We left the casino strips and took our babes to a few cute spots. They absolutely LOVED Storybook Land! Since our trip was short, many activities have been postponed for our next southbound visit.

Changepot Update for Friday, June 9, 2006:

I am quite impressed by our finds today. We were EVERYWHERE on Friday before we headed out to the shore. Here is a list of spots where we happened to find change:

Pep Boys
Sunoco Gas Station
Commerce Bank

NJ (Bordentown):
Car Wash
Taco Bell

Shore-Bound in NJ:
Rest Stop off NJ Turnpike
Bally's Wild Wild West Casino

We found a total of $13.68 in the form of one five dollar bill, six one dollar bills, six quarters, six dimes, one nickel, and fifty three pennies (one quite impressive change cycle I might add!). The largest find of the day- a five dollar bill-was found right by the elevator door of Bally's Wild Wild West Casino. Sandy Cheeks kept finding dollars everywhere. I found the six quarters (three in AC, three in Staten Island). The pennies and dimes were hard to keep track of considering there were five changehunters conducting a real-time search. I must report an odd pattern which has come to my attention recently. Four of the dimes found had one penny as a companion find= 11 cents was found at Pep Boys, 11 cents was right on the door frame of CVS, 11 cents was found at the car wash at Fort Dix, and the final 11 cents was right by my passenger door outside of WaWa in Atlantic City. Odd? Yep.. considering the tally was an eerie $13.33 until we decided to buy KFC at 10pm and found one dime and one quarter by our feet at the counter. That, combined with Thursday's finds total $233.33 would have yielded $246.66- eeek!!!!

Total Cash found and redeemed today: $13.68
Total Since Blog Inception: $247.01

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