Saturday, June 17, 2006

The movement!

The weather was much more tolerable today. We set about our usual daily bouts of speedwalking, chores, and heat-induced cat naps.


Today we found a collective total of $4.74 in the form of four dollar bills, two dimes, two nickels, and forty four pennies. FINDING A DOLLAR BILL IS SO RARE where hubby and I found them today.. I am still in shock. I found my dollar bill hiding in some grass right in front of Western Beef. The bill looked like it was there for some time. Happily, the bill has been reunited with his dollar brethren. Hubby found a dollar around the corner where he takes stitch to go potty. Rest assured this buck is getting turned in to the bank asap because this is notorious dog poopie territory. Aside from that, I am especially proud of the rest of the dollar finds today because our guest contributors (grandma and grandpa krabs) both added some found currency during their trip to a flea market in the UES/Manhattan. Grandpa found two crumpled dollar bills under an orange bench while lunching at Grey's Papaya (hotdog & drink place) and Grandma uncovered two dimes and two pennies all on the Staten Island Ferry. The $2.22 makes today's findings much larger than our usual amounts. Two of the found pennies were actual wheaties- 1948 and 1963D so I tucked them in my coin album instead of adding it to changepot totals. The numismatic in me prevails! Regardless of the two coin debit, I am proud of my family for participating in the changepot experiment. If we keep up these amazing finds, we'll hit $365.00 before the actual year is up*.

Total Cash found and redeemed today: $4.74
Total Since Blog Inception: $264.11

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