Friday, June 16, 2006

Hot in the city....

this is the medal we found yesterday at the mall. I think it's a lucky medal considering the coinage I found today... :)

The temperature outside is currently 85 degrees fahrenheit. I walked four miles to pick up my daughter in this heat to prove a point (and find some coinage). I found three quarters without having to "deep search" for them. What a shock. In case your wondering, deep search is a term my family uses to single out a spot and spend lots of time scanning the perimeter. Say, for example, if my family goes to a store where we find lots of change. My family would say "Deep Search Three"- meaning "I'm going to look closely because I think I see three blobs that look like coins". We walked quickly and still had luck finding two quarters and two pennies on the way to the location.

There are so many chores to complete today. I do have to get cooking before my family turns to junk food...

Here is the Changepot update for today:

Here is the coinage found today (06-16) along with the St. Jude metal as the guardian. Funny how some pennies are completely corroded. It's ok though, the machines still read them as pennies woohoo!

Today we found $1.62 in the form of four quarters, three dimes, three nickels, and seventeen pennies. I found three out of four quarters while pushing the stroller (where sleeping kitty lay refreshed and unfettered by pre-summer heat). All of the coins were found during the four mile walking stint. Woohoo! Perhaps we'll go to the Italian festival today for some sausage n peppers, cannoli, and beer... or maybe it's snoozing time until tomorrow morning?


Yet another update *1009pm*

Just got back from the local Chuck E. Cheese joint. I can't stand the place but my kiddies love it so I digress. Hubby found a total of four pennies, bringing today's total to $1.66 (I get scared when I see more than one six consecutively- I blame the OMEN for this arithmophobia of sorts). On the change hunt blog front, Brian from Change is Good posted his 1000th post today. What a milestone!

YAY! My mom just returned from a roadtrip with $0.09 in found change. Luckily, this bit of change brings today's total to $1.74. YAY!

Total Cash found and redeemed today: $1.74
Total Since Blog Inception: $259.37

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