Friday, June 23, 2006

Say it's gonna rain...

There's something innately peaceful about beaded raindrops. While it only rained a little, I was quite happy because my blooming sunflowers have received the natural nourishment they crave. I'll take a pic once they start opening up :)

We spent the majority of the day foraging boxes from the local area businesses for the impending move. Hubby buckled down and purchased a few boxes from the storage place up the street. While we visited the new place today, I happened to find a slightly bruised dime resting in the sidewalk. This is definitely a sign! Okay.. maybe it's a coinky-dink. Still, it was nice to find change in our prospective abode.

After we packed a lil, we decided to take the kids to see Over the Hedge. I was not impressed. Hubby apparently wasn't impressed with the film or the Chili Cheese Fries (spent 1/3 of the movie using the facilities). All that mattered was that the kids enjoyed themselves- and mommy got a chance to nap briefly in the air-conditioned darkness.


Today we found a total of $1.95 in the form of six quarters, three dimes, one nickel, and ten pennies. I found a quarter in the coin return slot of a vending machine, Hubby found two quarters in the men's locker room at the gym. The rest of the quarters and four pennies were found during hubby's restroom intermissions. The rest of the change was found at various places inside Jersey Gardens, NJ.

Total Cash found and redeemed today: $1.95
Total Since Blog Inception: $274.49

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