Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Seasons change.

Hubby and I have mulled over the prospects of moving several times throughout our marriage. First we thought about relocating to the West Coast. I said no. Then he spoke about Florida. I didn't entertain it long enough to say no. Well, we finally agreed on a place and as luck would have it, the paths toward moving seem much more defined. He is elated.

And I am terrified.

Sure, I moved here ten years ago but the premise was different then. I had no children, no ties to my community, no collegiate loyalties. Now... I have two kids, borderline parental community ties, and nine more classes to Masterhood.

But enough rambling.. that's what Centsitivity is for :-)

changepot UPDATES:

Today we found $0.52 in the form of one quarter, three dimes, one nickel, and seventeen pennies. Kitty amazed us all with her proud discovery today. As we walked toward hubby's appt, she stopped dead in her tracks and pointed to a grimy round object on the floor. "Is that a penny?"she asked sweetly. Dad bent over and dug it out of the ground. Not only was it a valid call, it was a dime! We high fived her and went on our merry way. Thirty two cents (two dimes, the nickel, and seven pennies) waited for pickup at the mall. The quarter greeted us at Dunkin Donuts along with five copper brothers as hubby bought his usual large coffee with extra gunk. Three pennies played hide and seek at our handball court. I'm going to miss our courts ::sigh::


While I am no fan of trading in cash from the changepot, I absolutely had to exchange pennies because there were some that barely looked like currency. I went over to the bank with 653 pennies and received $6.69- exactly sixteen cents for free. Thank you whoever exchanged coinage before us- your donation is much appreciated :)
I received the money in the form of a five dollar bill, a dollar bill, two quarters, one dime, one nickel, and four pennies. I am adding the sixteen cents to found change since it does qualify somewhat :)

Total Cash found and redeemed today: $0.68
Total Since Blog Inception: $251.50

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