Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Change Breakdown VI

Change Breakdown VI

Updated total: $251.50
(Counted by Mister Krabs after yesterday's penny exchange)

Here are the totals of cash in the ChangePot as of June 14,2006:

Bills: 43 (+9 bills)
Total value: $172.00 (+$17.00)

Hundreds: 1
Tens: 2
Ones: 37

Coins: 638 (- 653 penny exchange + 238 new coins during the week)
Total value: $79.50

Dollar Coins: 1 (no change)
Quarters: 158 (+13)
Dimes: 317 (+28)
Nickels: 142 (+14)
Pennies: 20 (new pennies as of June 13, 2006)


Here is an inbox inspiration tidbit from the folks over at TUT. I love their daily diddlies!!

Next time you overhear someone say they're only human, Mrs. Krabs, be compassionate. But remind them it's only temporary. That before long they'll be able to see their wings again, speak in tongues and blaze trails through eternity upon chariots of fire.

Much more dignified than just smacking them on the bum.

The Universe

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