Tuesday, June 20, 2006

...We can make believe it's Parson Brown.

Here is a pic of the resident Big Bird at Sesame Place. Read some fun facts about this character here

Prior to opening up this page and updating the daily totals, I check three specific websites religiously. The first is yahoo's finance page, the second is cnn.com (I dont watch TV anymore), and the third is the Stolen Sidekick website. Tonight's last update is sad because the drama is over. The 16 year old girl (Sasha Gomez of Corona, Queens) is arrested, the sidekick is in police custody, and now blogophiles have nothing else to criticize. Quel Dommage, non? I'm not so sure a lesson has been learned here. As rude as it may seem, Evan was on the right track in pushing accountability BUT at what cost? Ms. Gomez' older brother is an MP in the US Army Reserve. Has he been reprimanded? According to the web chatter, complete strangers are wanting to have him reprimanded, busted, tossed, etc. All this for a cellphone.

If you found a sidekick, would you return it?


Today we took my lil' chickadee out on her special day. We headed over to Sesame Place and spent a pretty penny on absolute junk. Yay!! We did manage to snag a couple of $18 stuffed animals (six games, two wins for a crappy stuffed animal who will wind up collecting dust in some far corner of the girls' rooms).


Finding money today was RUFF. We found a total of 32 pennies in Sesame Place (including one canadian but it doesn't count, really). Altogether we found a total of $ 1.12 in the form of one quarter, four dimes, two nickels, and thirty seven pennies. The remaining five pennies were found in Wrightstown. Two dimes waited for us at the Wendy's Drive thru. Two nickels greeted us at the PX as hubby shopped for some new gear. The other two dimes were found at the Acme parking lot on our way to the Base. The best find was the dirty old quarter I found while hubby asked an old volunteer fireman for directions on how to get back on South 206 after we made a right turn into whosville, NJ. The dirty old quarter looked like a bottlecap from a distance but I didn't give up hope! Big up to Grandpa who was brave enough to smile despite years of dental neglect. He liked my tattoos, I liked his sarcasm :)

Total Cash found and redeemed today: $1.12
Total Since Blog Inception: $267.07


Anonymous said...

I did find a cell phone once on the floor in a casino. I gave it to one of the employees who wander around so it could be put in the lost and found (after asking people nearby if it was theirs).

I would love to see the "Corona Crew" try to sue this guy for harassment. It should go on the People's Court. File a nice countersuit and kick their butts -- they'd end up paying him money for the threats.

Brian said...

You're encroaching on my territory, particularly with that incursion into N.J. Kidding. Sort of.