Wednesday, September 20, 2006

eight days later

I've been so bad lately. I picked up my bad habit (shopping) again and so I've restricted my binges to a less frequent change finding area in New York. I am happy because my two change hunt experts, Sandy and Mr. Krabs, have made some if not all the following finds. Since I haven't been as meticulous as I used to be (documenting finds and locations etc), I will only post the ones I do remember offhand. The dynamic duo has unearthed exactly $1.17 in the form of two quarters, four dimes, three nickels, and twelve pennies. Sandy found the quarters, one dime, and one nickel in school- the rest was hubby. I miss those days when I'd go scurrying about. Fall, you're not getting here fast enough!

Total found today : $1.17
Total Since Blog Inception: $320.83

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