Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Things I could get with your money.

One of my favorite stories mom used to tell me was one called "la cucarachita mandinga" (the tiny frugal cockroach). The basic plot of the tale was this little roach found a penny and dreamt about all the things she could buy with it. With each thing she thought she wanted, she thought of what could happen and would then decide against it. For example, a gumball would eventually lose flavor. A penny's worth of rice would fill her temporarily etc. A movie would only provide momentary entertainment. The roach still has that penny after all these years. My pockets have seen their shares of pennies.

Cute lil' story.

But since last year, I hold in my possession a jar of money found in the street. It's only been one year and my money jar is overflowing with dollars, quarters, dimes, nickels, and so many pennies I think the little roach would be proud of.

What can I do with this money? Can money grow moldy and stale? Should I get the money changed into tender and spend it on some thangs?

NOOOOOO. Instead, I sit here and contemplate what this changepot could give me. I'd have my choice of these pretty things. Like this one:

Apple 60GB Color iPod with Video (MA147LLA)(APL MA147LLA)
For Me, of course :)
at Circuit City this baby is $299.99 with free shipping online. 60gb Ipod video OR

Polaroid 7” Under-the-Cabinet LCD TV with DVD Player (FDM-0715)(PCB FDM0715)

for my kitchen.
Polaroid 7” Under-the-Cabinet LCD TV with DVD Player (FDM-0715)PCB FDM0715
• 7" LCD screen
• Under-the-cabinet design
• Built-in DVD player
• Widescreen (16:9)
• AM/FM radio
• Clock

::sigh:: the possibilities are endless.
What baubles could your own changepot yield you thus far? hmmm?
share! :)

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