Saturday, September 23, 2006

End of summer days...

Quite a productive change hunting day indeed. I found an arsenal of change while going to the gym for a quick drill. Then the family headed out to two different malls where we uncovered many pennies and a few dimes. We yielded $1.54 in the form of two quarters, seven dimes, four nickels, and fourteen pennies.

I am proud that I didn't spend alot at the mall. We went into my favorite store which had a little toy I wanted to buy :

but I actually said "No". I am learning! Yay!! Besides, I think i'll let the kids buy it and I'll play with it heheh. I think these Idogs are so cute.

(Edited 11-16-06: Bought the I-Dog for Sandy as a Christmas present. She'll be happy but i'll say this much.. she won't be the only one playing with it bwahahahahah!)

Total found today : $1.54
Total Since Blog Inception: $323.50

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