Sunday, September 24, 2006


Today the family ventured out for an all-day outdoor changehunt. Our five hour hunt yielded some incredible results!! On the ferry alone, Sandy found four crumpled up dollar bills near the snack section (way to go girl!). We found assorted change in the city but the real deal was back in Staten Island where a trip to the campus snack lounges yielded $4.25 in change. Here is an inventory of what we found:

Dollars: 4 (and half of a dollar bill tucked under a snack machine... useless unfortunately)
Quarters: 8
Dimes: 18
Nickels: 9
Pennies: 31

We also found two euro cents- one says Espana 2005 and the other says Portugal (no year, just odd lettering).

Total found today : $8.56
Total Since Blog Inception: $332.06

Oh.. and here's a pic of "Family Guy" for Sandy. It's her visual prize for helping out with the changepot finds today.

(click it to see the whole thing)

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