Thursday, September 28, 2006

Pot amplification.

This artist is so undervalued. I think he has an amazing voice despite his height and 'pimp style' Mrs. K loves herself some Maxwell y'all.

The day passed by quite fast. I've fudged the entire day away except for making square meals. Now that I think of it.. it's more like I've fudged the entire week. Gotta love lethargy! I am so hooked on this new game in Pogoland named Dice City Roller . It's not really new I think.. hubby says it's more like a spinoff of yahtzee.

October is going to be one insane time around here. I've hired a personal trainer to kick my butt at the gym. Mr. Trainer is coming on Sunday for my first consult. Yikes!!

As for the changehunt, here is the update for today:

I found zip- primarily because I didn't go out and about (unless you count picking up my kid at the bus stop less than a block away lol). Sandy found nothing as well. She is more concerned with the barrage of homework imposed upon her thus far. Kitty found nada either. Fortunately for us Hubby came through with a total of $1.13- four quarters, one dime, and three pennies. He jotted down the areas where he found it and everything (how considerate!). Here are the spots (as per the post it note) :

$.50 soda machine
$.25 at the bank waiting to make a withdrawal
$.36 at Dunkin' Donuts drive-thru
$.02 at work

Tomorrow looks like a busy day here at the Krabb home. Hubby's got the day off and grandma has volunteered to babysit the wee ones. Time for some autumn cleaning!

(As for the title.. the change is moving to a new home. Pics of the new changepot will be added tomorrow.)

Total found today : $1.13
Total Since Blog Inception: $339.40

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