Friday, September 29, 2006

Freaky Friday...

Hopefully this friday finds our readers well and psyched for the weekend! I discovered the joy of coffee and as a result, I've accomplished EVERYTHING I needed done today before 5pm. GO ME!! Anywhoo.. the old changepot is no more. Instead, we have upgraded to a huge animal cracker jar. The find coinage looks minimal in there but rest assured this is one heavy lil' pot!

Commingling of 'pots-

Today Sandy Cheeks reliquished the contents of her Changepot. Here are the contents as noted:

one five dollar bill (she traded her change in at the bank for a five spot. The girl believes in uniformity.)
three quarters
one dime
twelve pennies

one 5 centavo Brazilian coin.

The total : $5.97.

She deleted her changepot junior blog today. All is not lost. She is now blogging on here. My big girl has her own blogger account along with name and password. Lord knows I was never that clever at ten years of age.

Here is a picture of the old Changepot as it looked up until earlier today.

Without further ado... here is the new Jar:

It's still early. The fam and I are headed to the mall for a weekend treat. Catch ya later with a possible update!


An after dinner walk around campus yielded exactly $0.13 in change- a dime and three pennies of fresh found dough. Thanks kids!

Total found today : $6.10
Total Since Blog Inception: $345.50


Brian said...

I just moved my pretzel keg of change today, and let me tell you, they get heavy quick. I could barely lift mine. I think this year's finds are going into a second pretzel keg.

Mrs. Krabs said...

Have you kept all the original change in your keg? I am mulling the prospect of opening up a bank account to deposit the bills into (they're piling up fast).