Friday, October 27, 2006

92 days ago...

The Changepot wasn't fed either! Today we found NOTHING. I didn't go out since I'm on meds and kitty stayed home with me. The two changepot experts were dispatched early in the morning- equipped with change purses and sanitizers. The difference between the four days in July (12,15,17, and 26) and today's non finds are:

#1. Sandy went on a class trip to a place where we FREQUENTLY find change. She found nothing.

#2. Hubby went to three locations of work, night class, and the gym (three prime change spots). He found nothing (well.. does a coke can count?)

Perhaps friday will be a good day for the pot. Who knows?


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nhcardhunter said...

Sorry to hear that you aren't feeling well, Barb. Hope the meds are helping at least a little bit. Switching gears, I know exactly how you feel with getting shut out. When the snow starts to fly up here it will be tough sledding for sure, and probably quite a few shutouts to contend with.